Hayes sprained his ankle the day before Disneyland and woke up literally crying, wouldn't stand on it, was having a full blown panic attack about the whole ordeal. I looked up the disability info for the park and we just hoped we could get some help seeing as how he couldn't even walk. Luckily they gave us a pass to skip the lines and use his stroller as a wheelchair! Since Disney is older lots of their rides aren't wheelchair accessible so we skipped A LOT of lines. We rode everything we wanted in every land and it was awesome and all our cousins got to skip the lines too. Such an amazing thing!

Julep and Beignets!

Bored on Pooh Bear

Cotton candy kings. Just after a Dole Whip.

Cal slept through that treat station so we grabbed him a mickey bar when he woke up.

Buzz Astroblasters!

So cute.

 Looking so old!
the new parade! so cute. and everyone was freaking out excited! Brinly!!
Next day we were all beat. 12 hours at Disney was crazy! So we got to California Adventure pretty late at noon and left at like 8. We took it way easy. Stood in the nuts Radiator Racers line while they napped. It's still their favorite!

Cal fell asleep in line and we tried so hard to wake him up before it started. He was beat, but finally snapped out of it right before we took off.

We rode a ton of rides on the pier. They loved them all! So fun to try out the bigger rides and see them have a good time.

Disney you wear me out, but we still love you!

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