Raleigh - 4 months

I am apparently no longer good at this! Raleigh is nearly 5 months old but here's some things about 4 months!

He weighed in a 17.8 pounds! HA! He's such a butterball. He is in the 90th percentile for length and weight and his head is off the charts. Ive never had a kid bigger than maybe the 60th percentile so this is new territory!

He continues to be my trickiest nurser. I am supplementing bottles every night to get him nice and full so he'll go to bed. lately he wants a bottle during the day too. My Pediatrician suggested starting solids earlier than I would normally and I am totally on board. He can EAT! Hoping with solids I'll be able to catch up nursing wise and not have to do the bottles so often. He typically wakes up twice a night but has hard nights still occasionally, too. He's drooling like mad and we've had bouts of thrush like 10 different times. OVER it! His hair is just now starting to come in on his head and his eyebrows are dark! Maybe my first dark haired babe? We'll see.

He is still the most vocal and social baby. Such a sweetheart and so cheesy. We love him so much!!

I'm not taking a ton of pictures of him, see previous month for my reasoning and also #thirdkidproblems. But I do get a ton of good ones in a row when I do make the effort here are some faves! Apparently only on the gray chair. I'm telling you its hard to find places to take pics when you have all wood floors! Maybe we'll get some variety when he's sitting up on his own. ;)


When he laughs and when he is basically yelling while talking to us. He's so good.

 First photobooth!

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