Vegas for 11 Anni

Russ planned our 11 year anniversary at our Vegas home away from home! The Cosmo! We love it there and since he is a hearty blackjack player they always treat us like gold when we come. They got us 10th row floor tickets to Bob Dylan which happened to be on the night he won the Nobel Prize! As we walked in people offered us $1000 for our pair of tickets. Nuts.
I am all about his Nobel win, in college I took a whole course on his writings, poetry and music lyrics. I know his library backward and forward because of that! He inspired his generation and on and on with his social commentaries. I can't think of anyone that has done it like him since. Anyway, it was super emotional. I've invested so much time into his music and love it in so many different ways and across so many different stages of my life. I feel like I've known him since he was 19 and it's easy to picture his legendary life with each song he played. He had a great set list, filled with favorites, and then he covered Adele and Fiona Apple which were both amazing. He's got the moves, too. Lots of hip replacement gyrating type stuff. Ha!

Cosmo has the best overall food at a casino by far. They have so many amazing options its hard to leave! We did venture out for Joe's Stone Crab but it didn't live up to the hype for us. Ruth's Chris any day man! We had the best meal at China Poblano. Best view at the pool too.

Lots of shopping -- at Chloe. Russ bought me this beautiful leather jacket, not from Chloe but its like buttah.
Oh yeah, Raleigh came! He is such a champ. We had a mutual friend recommend a babysitter for the concert and he slept through the whole thing which was nice since I stressed about it a lot. 

Happy anni to us!!

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