SPRING! Let's start earliest and go backward!

Mother's Day! So lucky.
First trip to the lot without snow. SO crazy long this has taken and also how fast its going now that we're in September.

Another trip with our excavator to pick where the house would actually sit.

Cal is a different kid up here. Every time we come it solidifies my excitement, especially for him.

Mother's Day with my mom and grandma!

First swim of the season!

Cal's Graduation. Nutty as usual.

This is Dreagon. Cal first told me about him because Dreagon LOVED Cal and was so excited to see him every day. "Tao-Um!!!" and Cal played it so cool I am surprised Dreagon didnt give up. He said his eyes were so big they were creepy. OOF! Lots of days Cal would get in the car and tell me Dreagon had died some unlikely death. And then the next day he would magically come to life again. Oh Cal.
The face he makes when he doesn't want you to know he's excited.


Women's Session with my grandma! Starting to feel the pressure of losing her and it makes me want to bawl. She seemed unvincible to me up until a couple years ago.

Hayes got a new school and all the kids got to draw all over the walls before they tore it down. The new school is beautiful!

Tulip Festival! Kids are like "Meh" moms are like "Damn!"

Spring Break at the indoor pool.

And a hike to Bridal Veil. This is the part where Raleigh started eating like a maniac and has yet to stop. HE NEVER STOPS!

Hayes' ER trip to get stapled. He fell off the couch into a corner of a table. SO much blood for such a small wound. Of course Russ was in SLC and couldn't get home until we got to the ER and no one would answer their phone. And we had just moved and i didn't know any neighbors. So stressful but it is nice to have that adrenaline kick in after you seriously paralyze with panic and to be able to get it done with three kids in tow.

Nursery trip!


Seriously the most fun beautiful loving wedding of all time. I loved every second. She asked me to walk her down the aisle if you wanted to know how much I bawled that day.

And I gave a pretty killer toast. I'll admit.

The baby boys! Getting along so good at this point, and after going to therapy just Cal and I. Haha. Parenting is a trip man.

Going to Hayes' class for his spotlight. Such a cool thing this teacher did. I got to brag about him for 15 minutes and hear the class say how much they liked him too. More bawling. He's always excited for me to come to school and be in his class with him. Pray that doesn't change!

Arcade trips!

First Sunday in our new ward. It is a new experience to be absolutely NEEDED in a ward. We haven't been in one that had so much need as this one does. Its nice and also overwhelming to watch it struggle sometimes. Glad to be in the Young Women's the girls are so great.
Bethany's Shower. Loved throwing it and spoiling her a bit.

Raleigh's first Oreo.

When he first started sitting up. Tipping right over with that huge noggin.

Ugh I love him,

Fell asleep in the swing.

Hayes. Always so good to him.

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