Hayes 7th!

Hayes' 7th Birthday!!

This kid went for independence this year. Negotiation and pushing the limits galore! But he also is freaking so smart. He's already so bored in 2nd grade, what are we gonna do? Reads like crazy, wants Russ and I to push him with math, giving him harder and harder equations. Teaching him the next elements like multiplication and division. He is a problem solver and logical and kind. He LOVES being with friends and will go all day until he loses his mind with tiredness. He is trying lots of new things like flag football and rock climbing and gymnastics and skateboarding. He is all hot wings and spicy food and asking waitresses for "red pepper flakes and fresh basil on his pizza." So fun to watch him grow up. We love you HAYES!!

This is way too many kids to have in your house for party. If you need a reference.

He had a huge passion for pokemon and trading them. He did a sale and the end of the Summer and made a table and pins for his employees and stayed out there manning his table for 10 hours a day. So he's not buying them anymore luckily but he does still love them! So Pokemon party was an inevitability for this kid:

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