Cal's 6th!

Nickel City for this dude! He loves arcades and tickets and picking out prizes that are highly overvalued by the owners.

"Myles is my best friend, always" - Cal

Cal is internesting in the sense that he doesn't really show he likes very many people. He is too cool or even sometimes plain rude to lots of my friends and their kids. I don't know if its a defense mechanism or a quirk or a phase. One day we'll laugh about it right? (( Like the time he yelled at our bishop after he said "Hi Cal!" -- "STOP. LOOKING. AT MAYYYY!" Funny now. )) Anyway, when I invited them all I didn't expect anyone but his close friends to come, but of course wanted them to know they were invited. THEY ALL came. I bawled. It's so nice to have friends who love your kids even when they're turds sometimes. Cal doesn't care now but one day I hope he knows how loved he is even when he acts too cool for it.

For referense this is too many kids to have at a paid-for party, too.

He was super overhwhelmed at this point, his face shows it.

So fun to celebrate this wild child. His dance moves are hilarious, his jokes are better than most adults. He is unique and wacky and sweet and forgiving. He is quick to snap but quicker to apologize. He doesn't have a prideful bone in his body. He is all sensitivity and so hard on himself to be good at anything he tries. We found out he has a lot of food allergies and sensitivities and treating those things has helped him immensely! Wish I would've thought of it sooner to help him years ago!
He is thriving in Kindergarten and coming into himself each day.


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