Raleigh 15 Months

I have never felt so internally nagged to get an update written! Raleigh is SO good at this stage. I keep thinking he won't get better than this, and then he does. At about 15 months he started snuggling on his own. Lots of it. Crawling to us laying his head on our legs, arms, chest. Swinging a leg over and basically straddling our necks peering down and laughing, usually drooling right onto our faces. He gives hugs and kisses so freely. Wants to make connections with eyes and touch and is quick to laugh along with us thinking he gets the joke. Maybe he does. 

He started walking right around 16 months and is pretty quick already! All three of the boys crawled at 10 months and walked at 16 which I think is sort of crazy! He slides down the stairs and climbs up on chairs and is such  big boy all the sudden. His walk is so drunken, I love it. Teething his molars was rough but I think we're getting there! 

He says lots of little words like Mom and Dad and Hess (Hayes) and Da (maybe Cal?) and Gus and Juice, whoa!, and A'da!! Alexa, always yelled. He loves music and singing and dancing and anything with pep. We can almost always cheer him up in the car with top 40. He loves a good beat! Despacito, most of Bruno Mars, Trolls Soundtrack. He points at everything and has laser focus which makes it pretty easy to tell what he wants. He loves to scoot on his brothers scooters and is pretty good I must say. He is still so huge. So heavy. He fees like he's leaning out with walking but he's still so much heftier than any other kids I know. He's the same size as most two year olds, bigger at times. H loves to eat and eats all day and night. Never stops. We love our chubby guy!! 

He LOVES babies and reminds me so much of Hayes with his obsession. He dotes on them, is so gentle, full of kisses and hugs and won't leave their side! He also loves dogs which is calls "Woofs" must pet all puppers. Will not stop looking until puppers leaves his view. He loves to get himself "dressed" tries putting his feet through pant legs and socks and shoes.

He loves his brothers loves Cal despite all Cal's pestering. The boys are so sweet with him always. They talk to him like he's a prince and are proud to show him off and tell everyone what new tricks he's learned. Raleigh is loved by all!

Loves to get cozy with his blanket, I lay it over the top of his back while he lays on his tummy and he lifts his arms back behind his back and sort of fluffs his tutu. I can't think of another description. He moves his arms in the air like he's fluffing his tutu. Ha. Anyway, he asks for his cozy and wants it draped on him. My sister made it for him and none other will do!

He continues to be the best reminder of gratitude in my life. His smile and laugh and love instantly ground me and make me feel so grateful. It's easy to extend that out to other things in my life when I feel it so easily around him. He's nearly 17 months by the time I got this written and I can't believe we have nursery around the corner already! time is a thief.

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