CA Buddy Trip

We pitched a Christmas trip to Costa Rica with our friends that eventually got dwindled down to a week in a beach house in San Diego. In February. It still makes me laugh, but that is the reality when you're working with 10 people's schedules and a million kids. Always glad to be together, no matter where!

KIDS. Considering Hayes is the oldest of the bunch and only 6 here, we make quick work.

We made a stop at the 7 Magic Mountains. So cool. Also a night in Vegas with the Grows where I took Annie to get her first massage in China Town. Apparently since the last time I was there they made strict rules about getting naked. I didn't know that so we both stripped down and everyone was super confused. It was hilarious from start to finish and their massage definitely requires clothing so we were exposed to say the least. Luckily she wasn't too traumatized.
It was pretty cold while we were there so we happily took a day at Lego Land.

Essentially the best ride photo of all time, right?!

Buddies forever.

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