we had a nice little weekend:
*russ made serious headway on the nursery -- we just have painting, crib bedding, & curtains left. feels pretty good!
*finally saw avatar -- we both enjoyed it. it's definitely worth paying to see in theaters.
*celebrated my baby brother's 17th birthday. crazy!
*the vikings killed the cowboys! happy husband = happy wife.

those with an observational eye might recall that time i tried to sport those hideodorous oxford flats, and it didn't. quite. work?
if at first you don't succeed...
i found these MIA oxfords at nordstrom rack & it's love.


Wendy said...

I am DYING to see your nursery!!!

Danny and Shalayne said...

I'm LOVING the flat oxfords. I've had my obsessed eyes on a pair of cream ones! They look fab!

e and d said...

shoes are very cute! i want to know whee i can get some of those "jeans" though. seriously. they're the legging jeans, right? i NEED some. :)

Emily Frame said...

the leggings lyrcra from american apparel... i love them. a little nicer than the cotton kind that fade and look old!

sarahmichael said...

lucky for you, you found those cute oxfords at the rack. unlucky for me, they are sure to never have more than one pair of a really cute shoe there!

-sarah taylor (I used to be in your ward for a couple months, beth and bryce taylor's sister in law)

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