here is our living area update as promised...

somehow the day we came home from the hospital the floors were finished. it was a true miracle, all due to woodland construction. russ' friend came over & worked 'til midnight every night until it was finished. (sorry to our basement renters -- so loud.) relive the chaos here>.

russ bought the unfinished pine flooring at lumber liquidators, and woodland construction stained it for us. i love the rustic feel to it,
it' a pretty soft wood so it will only get more beat up as time goes on.

the high traffic areas got rugs-- the yellow ombre rug is from overstock
and the orange striped mat is from ikea $9.99 (!)

the amazing 70's credenza was a KSL steal. you can see our old credenza here>. i loved it, russ hated it... when he started this project he "accidentally" destroyed it when he moved it from the living room to the garage. sure...

the rocker was a gift from my sister charity. she refinished our old family rocker and
quilted a new cover for it. she's definitely the craftiest of the family.

russ whipped up a new piece of wall art when we both got sick of the "F" wall>.
i first saw this idea from a home tour on apartment therapy>.
it's such a visually impactful & cheap way to decorate!
i've seen it recreated a couple times by buddies and they're all so different & equally as rad.
we had a tough time choosing a song to use lyrics from,
but finally we settled on sea of love by the honeydrippers
it's one of "our" songs, and hayes loves it at night-time too.
(cat power's cover is awesome.)
check out the music video>-- robert plant in his hair-prime.

there you have it! a whole bundle of stress & hassle if you ask me,
but i'm not saying a word. not one single word.

for those who've inquired:
if you're in utah county & interested in hiring my sweet husband
e-mail me & i'll put you in contact.
you can see some of his other renovations here>.


Elaine said...

Beautiful! I love the mismatching dining room chair and the clothes line of pictures! How creative!!

Susan said...

amazing, but what about that rocker???? did you do that? amazing.

jessica said...

I love the clothes line of photos too. I would love more details on how you set that up and how the lyrics art work came together (printed canvas? paint on wood? vinyl on wood?) Love it!

Hebejeeby said...

Please tell us how you made the picture! please, please!

Emily Frame said...

vinyl on wood!

we bought ply-wood, painted it white, had vinyl lettering made, placed it on the white ply-wood, painted it black, removed vinyl letters-- voila!

glad you cats like it! xo

Katie said...

love the Ff pillow!

Brittany said...

Love everything about it. Mostly the Sea Of Love touch. Love Robert Plant. Love Cat Power.

Missy said...

Love love love it. all of it. I just moved into a new house and you have given me some wonderful ideas.

and your babe. He is absolutely DARLING.

chicfaced (Megan) said...

I'm usually a lurker but I am seriously creeped out right now -

I was catching up on some of your latest posts and was marveling at your "sea of love" poster while listening to my She & Him Pandora station.

Anndd guess what came on the station? Cat Power, Sea of Love. Weird, right?

.jimaie.marie. said...

i seriously LOVE that Sea of Love poster... I think I'll add that to my ever growing list of projects for my home this summer! My new mission is to figure out what lyrics I want now! Your home is so cozy and sweet, I just love your style!

Kirsten said...

How did you make that awesome Sea of Love poster? Like what did you use?
I love it!!

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