sunday best

we got a tripod finally & decided to test it out after our block of church meetings sunday. 
now that i'm looking back, i am looking a little fräulein maria. mix that with the heidi braids... 
i tell you what though, i swoon seeing my boys in their sunday best. especially russ. 
90% of the time he's in scrubby work clothes.

hayes is wearing: gingham button-up (babygap) cardigan (american apparel) cords (babygap)
russ is wearing: dior button-up (thrifted) cashmere sweater (gap) slim trousers (express men) boots (thrifted)
emily is wearing: gap button up (thrifted) vest (gap) skirt (banana republic) heels (thrifted) 
lipstick is "MAC Red"


Liz said...

sound of music chic. good luck with bijou! I hope you can take a week long nap when it's over!

Auntie Em said...

super cute!

Brissa said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your family.

Carlita said...

you can totally pull off the heidi look. super cute. (and hayes is adorable!)

also, i love those curtains. i just bought them in the same color b/c the blue is perfection.

jessica.adams said...

Few things:
1. found you via a friend and twitter, so happy I did.
2. loving your blog
3. loving your fraulein Maria fierceness AND your Heidi braids and wishing I had the long hair to pull it off.


O O N A said...

ha your comment about looking like fräulein maria made me laugh. and maybe it's the vest. but those braids i love! if i had the courage i would do them myself

. said...

loving your blog! such a blessed family.

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