totes m'gotes

blogging & life is a reverse inter-correlation. you see, if you multiply time and responsibilities and divide by the will to blog you will find, ipso facto, it is ≥ actually blogging.

did you follow that? no? good. i was trying to confuse you so you don't realize just how diminished my blogging moxie has become.
but, can i just say... i apologize.
my posts lately are lackluster to say the least, but i know you understand.
you're an understanding bunch, that's why we're friends.
& it's only temporary!

you know what else is only temporary?
our supply of these todiefor of cuteness bijou market "Market Bags."
you're probably going to want one, and at only $2.00 each, supply ≠ demand.
i know, more math? groan.


Lauren said...

Those totes are so adorable!!

And your shoes?! I die.

Kirsten Krason said...

I want one!!! Those are awesome.

NatTheFatRat said...

i am going to neeeeed one of those! how can an out-of-towner stranded in manhattan for the bijou get her hands on one??

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute bag!

I've driven pretty far to go shopping but I think Boston to Utah is pushing it. Good luck and have fun at Bijou

Sarah loves it all said...

The bag is so cute. I can get one there right? Can't wait!!

Sarah loves it all said...

Yes your shoes are the bomb.

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