first year must haves

i had this post titled "6 month must haves" sitting in my drafts. haha.
may as well add the next 6 months and get it posted, eh?

so here is the small list of things i wouldn't go without next time around...
to the reader who requested this list back in july, i apologize for being so awesomely slow.

newborn / nursing
jug for water. i use this one because it's your daily recommended amount, i don't have to refill it & when i finish it, i know i'm done. this is vital for a nursing mom especially.
newman's ointment: this was passed down from friend to friend and saved me during those first few weeks of nursing. next time i'll be sure it comes to the hospital with me. it's made specially by the pharmacist, i got mine at the hospital (on my way out) and rock canyon pharmacy.

boppy: babies learn to nurse just like moms do. except they have no control of their extremities.
it's totally awkward at first and that's okay.
the boppy was essential as we learned to nurse together. keeps them at the right level, comfortable, and you have something to rest on too. it's really good for tummy time, too.

i started on MAM pacifiers because they made the smallest binky i could find. i want to be able to see my baby's face, not have half of it covered by those hospital grade green face masks. as he's gotten older we've upgraded binky sizes.
i also use evenflo glass bottles (no matter if it's BPA free or not, plastic still leaches when heated.)
huggies diapers (i literally tried EVERY brand and came back to these.)
and up & up sensitive wipes (stretchy and cheaper then the similar pampers version.)

next time around:
i borrowed an arm's reach co-sleeper from a friend that was awesome, but i realized the time between birth and crib -- they really don't need a lot of space. i am investing in a small bassinet on wheels so i can cart them to and fro depending on where i need them to sleep.


another specially made formula by pharmacists is "butt-balm". anytime i saw signs of irritation, i'd put it on him. even through all those rounds of antibiotics for his ear infections he never got a rash. (he had his first diaper rash last month when he got the runs, slept in the diaper all night and by morning he was raw.) butt-balm to the rescue and it was gone the next day.
i get mine at rock canyon pharmacy as well.

munchkin feeders - perfect for teething. we put ice cubes in it and he goes to town.

Playskool Lullaby Gloworm - we started this with his bed time routine later on, but it has been so great. he only has it in his crib and we play it to help him get to or back to sleep.
it's an easy way to let him know it's time for bed and it can come anywhere with us.

i am constantly looking for healthier (not loaded with sugar & dyes) snacks that are easy to travel with. and i can give them to him and not worry about choking or breaking it up.
here's some of my favorites:
sweet potato puffs
brother's all natural fruit crisps (costco):
dehydrated pears, apples, bananas and strawberries

for longer events like church and restaurants, i love
simply gogurts, clif bars & the baby food with spouts on top.
and for everyday feeding i love the fruit chunks packed in real fruit juice
versus syrup.
before i sound too impressive, don't get me wrong, he gets his share of crunch berries and french fries.
there you have it. my must-have-make-your-life-easier list of things i won't go without.
wanna hear something cute?
what used to be questions about my clothes has now shifted to
Hayes' clothes. seriously 90% of them.
i'll be sure and update Hayes' posts with any outfit details, check back through if you're interested! 


iamahoneybee.com said...

just passed this link on to my brother for his niece.

Nicole Marie said...

the boppy is great i agree. even just for bottle feeding and propping them up after feeding so they're not laying flat on their back

sophie said...

I really love the water jug advice. With my first, I know I wasn't drinking nearly enough water (which may have contributed to such a difficult breastfeeding experience); I will stow this tip away and use it with our second due in a couple of months.

Thank you!

Lissa Chandler said...

the jug of water is such a good idea! i've been thirsty the whole time i've been nursing and then i just get used to it. also, my son's glow worm is the best investment we made! he's eight months old and when he doesn't want to sleep at bedtime, we find him playing with it until it puts him to sleep. we only let him have it in the crib as well so i think that helps as well. great suggestions!

Diana Smith said...

Great post!! I agreed with so much you said, Yeah those hospital binkies are obnoxious and thank goodness my daughter doesnt like them. MAM all the way!

Nicole Christensen said...

This post is SO awesome and informative. I second everything you have said. I love the idea of a bastenette on wheels, i will be doing that for baby #2 as well.

Lindsey S. said...

You've got to check out these...


Bailey is obsessed!

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