one in vegas

we got back from a lovely long weekend in las vegas, and Hayes was lucky enough to ring in his 1st birthday in a casino! seriously. we pulled into our hotel at midnight and with all the commotion of course he woke up. i walked through clutching him tight, dirty looks allll around. what is this pregnant girl doing with a baby up at this hour? he was in awe of the lights and loved every minute.

Russ' mom and sister live in Palm Desert, CA and met us half way to celebrate.
we took him to one of our favorite restaurants & 12 of his adopted aunts & uncles joined us.
we will clearly be practicing the candle blow out before his official party this weekend.
he was grabbing at the flame like a madman.
first birthday = first taste of dessert. 
chocolate souffle!
he clapped his hands in between every bite in approval.
figuring out the tip was especially challenging. everyone looks super concerned.
it was also a good dry run for me before his actual party. i was thisclose to breaking down in tears singing to him.


Anonymous said...

very cute! hope this weekends' party will be just as enjoyable, sans candle grabbing.

group tip... that is why i always ask for a seperate check. it gets way too confusing.

chari-o said...

sounds familiar :). Casey celebrated his first in a casino too! moving from AZ to UT...didn't we stay at the excaliber?

Nicole Christensen said...

i wish we could have been there. i cant wait to celebrate on saturday.

robin said...

i have that shirt! hallelujah i have something emily frame has!

Diana Smith said...

aww what a sweet little guy! Finally 1!! I hate how you have to walk through the casino to your hotel room, feel so dirty! But the lights are pretty, don't blame hayes haha

adam and jess said...

it was fun to see you guys in vegas, thanks for letting us come to lunch with you guys! also, the birthday invite was so cute! we unfortunately are going to be back in vegas this weekend with adam's family for spring break so we won't be able to make it. thanks so much for the invite though, hope it's a great day!

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