here's more pics from our vegas stay...
1. Hayes in our giant tub. suites (with kitchens) are the only way to go with babies.
2. Paris! Complete with Elvis impersonators.
3. he only has eyes for McKenzie.
4. watching the Bellagio water show.
seriously, he was obsessed with his Aunt Hers. don't mind the baby carrot face.
swimming! people were loving his little euro swim shorts. especially the euros themselves.
he also decided he can wear hats now. so exciting! he has many that have been patiently waiting for his little head.

we went to the shark aquarium at Mandalay Bay. he was mesmerized.

you're welcome for making these black and white.
you've never seen whiter skin on a gal.
Hayes is lucky he got his dad's 1/16th Blackfoot Indian skin. 
we're off to get everything ready for Hayes' birthday party. yikes.
i see why most moms choose to do parties every other year or less.


Diana Smith said...

His shorts are adorable!! That is soo funny about his dad being 1/16 indian! My husband is too, but he is nez pierce! funny.

Lissa Chandler said...

i love the baby kissing pictures! so drooly, yet so perfect.

Julie said...

What a fun trip. I love Vegas. Also, I'm so jealous you could be in a swimsuit. My body needs vitamin D and a tan because I would definitely need to make swimsuit pics black and white too!

kersey said...

This is awesome! We're actually planning a weekend getaway to LV soon. We're stoked to see what Elliott thinks of the lights + the pool. Any recommendations?

Kayla R. said...

Darling pics EM..Looks like you had a BLAST!!! I want to go to the pool sooo bad!!!

chari-o said...

love it! and i cant wait to see what you do for his party! I loved the invites (will you do baseball cards for each year? I want to collect them)

Emma said...

he is the cutest.

Lauren said...

Just dying at how cute he is!!!!! Love ya

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