garden party

note: if we frolic in the same friendly/blogging circles then i apologize, because you've seen these pictures 10-12 times already. 
redundancy for memory's sake is always allowed, right?

Nicole & Bri and their families are off to Missouri for work, and what better way to remind us how sorely they will be missed then to throw a super excellent garden party?!
when i said goodbye to Bri she reminded me that I'll have another baby when they get back. whuutt...

while i try to wrap my head around that, 
feast your eyes on the details:
gourmet burgers
sweet potato fries
karpouzi salad
cocount bread for dessert! yes that one.
and the guests:
a couple people aren't pictured - but they are here!
the Hoilands & the Rosses
the Christensens
the Webbs // how much do you love their potted name cards slash parting gifts?!
the Oldhams
and here we are...
how amazing is this messy face?! 
a scrumptious composition of dirt, peanut butter sandwich, and running nose. cuuute.


Anonymous said...

Love the close up pic of Hayes. So cute.

Looks like a great party

chari-o said...

i want the recipe for coconut bread!

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