muffin's birthday : 2/3

Carraba's & Yogurtland
to celebrate with my dad.

could also be titled:
Hayes worships Avery.

their conversations are so toothache-ingly sweet.
"Hayesie do you like your apple juice?"
"Yay-ss. (yes)"
"Hayesie let's sound like lions!"
in unison "RAWRRR!"

thank heavens for the Carabba's banquet room,
i like rolling around on the ground in privacy, too.

 and dessert:

Hayes has also grown quite attached to Papa.

and finally... i couldn't help but share these, because let's get real...
Russ rarely wants to take picture.
he was totally exasperated with my request & said we could have ONE FRAME EACH.
talk about high-pressure!!

Russ, the blink-master himself. he who has had his eyes closed in 8 out of every 10 pictures i've taken of him over the last 10+ years. nails it!

 and i.... choke.


Tyler and Kendyl said...

hahahaha! I love that last one of you, and love even more that you posted it. Awesome.

elizabeth kartchner said...

dying!! so cute.
I like the double kiss for Cal from Collin & Avery. :) lol
Your look at the end is classic. thank goodness you posted it cause your outfit is perfection.

elizabeth kartchner said...

PS I need these pics and have some I need to send you.

brandonandlindslitzner said...

i adore your outfit. i mean, those pants...*sigh. where did you get them?

Emily Frame said...

thank you! forever 21 ages ago! i still love them!

Emily Frame said...

so excited!

brandonandlindslitzner said...

gah! i figured you would say that. btw, i jumped for joy a little when i saw your first comment. i love your blog and when *the* emily frame commented on mine...i may have acted like a school girl for a minute. ha.

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