friday business / provo pride

1. we all know i have huge love for my home town Provo.
in fact, if you are looking for a way to jump from the "People I Like" pile to the "People I No Longer Spend Time With" stack, just say provo is boring. provo is lacking culture, etc.
i don't even care if you call it Happy Valley, The Bubble, or what have you.
just don't say it's boring. 
not only is it a surefire way to highlight your laziness or poor choice in friends,
but,  newly launched Square Native proves you wrong AND does all the work for you. 
just do what they say & you'll love Provo like i do.

i have a whole drawn out theory on how BYU culture is tainting Provo Culture, because they are in fact two completely separate entities. but, let's save that for the next time you have insomnia and need someone to gently rockabye you to sleep.


2. last weekend, Russ & I had the absolute pleasure of attending Courtney's (CJane) birthday party.
she had the lovely band The Folka-Dots come play and we were instant fans. the band was good, too. 
ba doom boom ching!
i am a long time fan of Courtney, and was so happy to finally get face time! with her.
i tried to come up with a good word for her, and although there are many - delightful is the one that sticks. she is 100% delightful! so fun, so smart, and easily makes you feel like everything you say is quote worthy, enlightening, or hilarious. 
and then she's got this look in her eye like she's got the weight of the world on her shoulders.
i suppose that's what being commissioned (versus just writing it on your own) to write a book looks like.
thank you Courtney & Christopher for the lovely evening!

 i stared at the back of her head for awhile contemplating/coveting her hair's volume abilities.
mousse? surf spray? full of secrets?
photo credit Justin Hackworth
check out the Folka-Dots here.
i particularly love track #3 "I Don't Mind" minus the heavy drinking line,
this sums up my relationship with Russ.

3. although it is seriously lacking window treatment - the basement is finally done being decorated!

proudly waving my utah pride flag with this Sew Hip & Humble pillow.
(who i convinced to ship some of her shop to sell at Bijou!)
also, we just announced our full line-up - check it out here.

 past those craft bins you would find the wall of wonder. seriously, a wall of my shoes and coats. 
i need to reel it in people. or rather, why can't people build bigger closets?? i like that better.
 this is where the craft magic happens. ha, or where i headdesk myself and weave a tapestry of whispered expletives. why do i craft again?

i have slowly built an impressive collection of Ashmae prints,
this is one of her latest. sometimes when i get depressed about the state of the world (happens a lot)
it's nice to be able to glance at this and know that being a good woman in a decreasingly good world
will pay off, and i can make a difference. put that next to Cinnamon Ink's "Just Be You"
print and pretty sure that's all i need as far as inspiration goes.

basement sources:
DIY abstract art 
red chair - secondhand $10!
yellow chevron pillow: c/o MoxieMandie
i love utah pillow: c/o Sew Hip & Humble
striped pillows: handmade
lamps & orange floral pillows: ikea
vinyl storage : thrifted
arrows : native shop
craft hutch : estate sale
hot air balloon cameo : secondhand
rose watercolor : handmade
just be you print : CinnamonInk
mormon women print : Ashmae read more about this print here.

and finally:
QA Designs just listed her 65 states and countries for FREE download.
if you don't have Provo love, it's okay, we can agree to disagree, but surely you'll find a place you truly love in this list.
happy weekend!


Jennie said...

I love Provo! I just moved here, and my roommates kind of suck, but I loooove it here! I'm interested in your BYU/Provo culture theory though. :)

Anna Culp said...

you know, i guess since i graduated from uvu, and i hated my one-semester experience in provo a few years ago, i've always loved orem, but not provo. i do love the provo library (children's section), but i mostly stay in orem (or go north) and it finally feels like home. we won't be here much longer, but i love it while i am.

Angela and Enrique said...

The pillow looks great Emily! Thanks for the mention!

Heather said...

Thanks for the shout out! xoxoxox

Mara and Jae said...

LOOVE these state pillows! go utah.

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