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i have a few art blogs and tumblrs that i've been reading and they never fail to leave me inspired.
are all incredible and have jogged my memory of classic pieces i've loved and opened my eyes to loads of new-to-me art. 

i pulled a few inspirational elements from some art i've had my eye on into this look for a morning meeting (definitely not a date night outfit as i already know how Russ feels about the tie.)  

in real life:
button-down [Banana Republic] tie [repurposed belt] stretch pencil skirt* [Cotton On] wedges* [Go Jane] cameo earrings [old Bijou purchase]

i've been doing a few consulting jobs each month and would have to say it's sort of my dream job.
getting paid to just dump out every last idea you have is so nice for a brain like mine.
as Bob Dylan says - i've got a head full of ideas and their driving me insane.
i definitely sleep like a baby after these gigs, it's so nice to unload and empty out the chaos up top. also, anytime i can dress office appropriate and still maintain a sense of personal style, without being too distracting is a success in my book.
maybe because the biggest distractions were under a desk?

also: for those who've asked to be notified, for our next FLEA., we joined forces with Soel Boutique and it's this weekend! i'll be pawning off bag or two of clothes, and always find awesome secondhand goods for myself and the boys.
hope to see everyone there! 

also: for those of you with mid-length / short hair, you may be excited to see this crown braid tutorial from The Beauty Department. it is one of the hairstyles i miss most about long hair, and was so happy to see a work around.


Kirsten said...

Again, you are so adorable!
I wore a tie like this once and I loved and got lots of compliments, but the Mr...not so much in love with it.
And those shoes are awesome!


Caitlin said...

I am in LOVE with this outfit. I am becoming quite the fan of your Pin real life installments.

Hilary said...

Fantastic! I love the whole thing. Well done.

ayley said...

i really love this post! so inspired.

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