here's a plethora of pictures from our weekend getaway with friends to St. George.
we stayed at Annie and Malcolm's parent's vacation house and it was gorgeous.
designed and decorated by Alice Lane! i wish i would've got pictures of it, but for now take my word for it.

SWIMMING and sports
 this face? i don't even?

EATING around the clock and a late night trip to Nevada.
Russ scored big time which is not doing much for the ongoing debate of
me: never gamble again versus him: let's gamble for a living.
Annie + Alex / the Frames / Adam + Jess / Malcolm + Trent

 it was all about breakfast this trip. amazing and tasty breakfasts each morning make this girl pretty happy. cracker barrel's multigrain pancackes? yes a thousand times.

you could fill several notebooks full of the business ideas this group comes up with.
also, we've got two eligible buddy bachelors if anyone would like to secure a spot.
and a coupla instas for the road:
 big thank you to the Stewarts for letting us stay in their beautiful home, and as always the buddies for being such good godparents to our kiddos. we love them all!


aubry. said...

hook a sister up.

jaigeeksout said...

Eligible bachelors? If only I was on your side of the pond. Sigh.

adam and jess said...

what a great time! can we go back next weekend? i love me some buddy wives time!

Jessie said...

This post makes me want to go to St. George so badly. I love all the pictures. Now about those eligible buddy bachelors...

Elle Keeps Moving said...

your trip looks heavenlyyy. and you look like a babe.

Cady said...

Looks ridiculously fun. Your boys are so cute! xo

rachel! said...

How do they feel about relocating to Washington, DC?

skatieperdue said...

it looks like you're wearing a swimsuit in your picture near the top with hayes and it looks super cute, where is it from? :)

Emily Frame said...

It's a few years old, but it's from Shade!

emily+brett said...

speaking of breakfast, did you git up the egg and i? best eggs benedict ever!! fun seeing you for a bit. the sun shine was just what i needed for a week. oh and i'm making a sunburst mirror asap. love. may just see you at the swap this weekend. sounds intriguing.

Brooke said...

Yo! This is right up the street from me. Call me next time!!!!!!

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