wall of sunburst mirrors DIY

good morning & thanks a whole heap for the supportive notes you left on Friday's post. it's very apparent to me that we are all thirsty for some good old fashioned honesty & i'm happy to raise the curtain on some hard and happy things i may have avoided sharing otherwise. you're all good people & i like you a lot!

here's the first of a couple more posts regarding our master bedroom redo - all about the sunburst mirror wall.

sunburst skewer mirror supplies:
a bag of long BBQ skewers $2
a bag of short BBQ skewers $2
i only used maybe a 1/4 of each bag (both bought at Zurchers) - save them for your next kabob BBQ party.
gold metallic spray paint (i use Krylon - $4 with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby - and have used it for infinitely many other projects)
round 9" mirror (Zurchers) $3

it's super simple, just spray the skewers whatever color you like.
hot glue them to the back of the mirror in the pattern you choose. i kept things even by gluing them down the way you would cut a pie.

i did this in my bed while we watched a movie, so pretty much the easiest craft ever.

once your done it will probably look like this - aka crap - so i then cut a piece of cardstock to match the back of the 9" inch mirror, hot glued it into submission then put it over the back of the mirror. it will hide your skewer mess and also reinforce the skewers to make it a little more sturdy.

its a super light mirror so i used a the 3M velcro wall mounting tabs and stuck it right to the wall.
shim sunburst mirror supplies:
275 shims (they come in packages of 300, i got them at Burton Lumber for $7 for 100)
14" mirror - Zurchers $6
stuff i had lying around:
hot glue & gun
liquid nail
picture mount bracket

this project has been done a million and one times before we did it, but Apartment Therapy's tutorial is really good.
a couple additions i'd add are to actually glue every shim together. don't cut this corner or you'll regret it. also don't glue directly over your carpet or you may have to use some elbow grease to get it off said carpet.

  we also needed a way to reinforce the mirror just a bit for transport. we cut out a 14" circle from a box of diapers and glued it to the back of the shims in the same place the mirror would eventually be glued on the front.

Rashelle sprayed hers gold and it looks awesome.
i was sort of obsessed with the natural look of the wood so i left mine.
also - depending on how you put your shims together you can end up with a symmetrical pattern or something more organic. mine was the latter and again, it works well with the natural look i was going for.
check out Rashelle's wall o' mirrors here.

Family Dollar upgrade: the third sunburst on the wall was purchased for $10 at Family Dollar. not a huge fan of the black color and dippy crystals... KRYLON to the rescue!
that's all she wrote for this wall - i think it packs a big punch for $50 don't you?


carla thorup said...

i love how the middle one turned out! the whole wall looks great... and your whole bedroom for that matter.

(and the honesty post was great. it's so nice to get real.)

meg said...

I adore the skewer mirror.

Adore. It.

Anna Palathingal said...

This ones a great tutorial! :)
I really hope its as easy as you've made it look like!
Especially loved the skewer mirror! :)

Gluci Mane said...

Stunning & Impressing! Im going to buy one! Visit me http://www.sunburstmirrors.org/

Marry James said...

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