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oof there's been some instagram controversy as of late:
 it all started when Russ snapped a pic of us at the grocery store...
i had somehow convinced the world (or at least those who follow my feed)
that i was super fancy. 
so the next time i scrubbed my house down i offered this as proof:
the trouble was that you blog readers have really good memories and called me out about the time i said i never wear sweat pants. caught!! i swear i don't - or at least i try not to! i haaate sweat pants.  they bring out the worst in me. i hate the way i walk - nay, shuffle about- in them.  the way if i was just but horizontal instead of vertical, i'm only closed eyelids away from being asleep. 
but! the odds are good when i am on all fours scrubbing a bath tub, i'll be in them. 
i can't quit you, sweat pants!

anyway all this instagram sparked personal dichotomy has got me thinking about what we wear when we want to lounge around and what we wear when we want to hear day-um girl!
can the two intersect?

here's a handful of comfy, no-fuss, seemingly effortless looks (and totally Fall-related, i can't help it, i'm itching for it) worth a pin:
in real life:
Russ' jeans [BDG via UO] white tank [OLD NAVY] striped sweatshirt [AMERICAN APPAREL] two-tone oxfords [GO JANE] buddy holly readers [HOT TOPIC] red lips ["CHERRY" LINER and "MAC RED" by MAC]

 my lounging go-to is usually straight out of my husband's closet. loose loose loose. 
they might as well be sweat pants, but they aren't, that's the difference.
 if i need to jet out of the house in a moment's notice alls i need is some fake glasses to hide ZERO make-up, a swipe of red lips, because why not!?, and maybe some whackadoo shoes to make it all look somehow intentional.
pretty sure i haven't answered any of the above questions posed, but i don't think our style choices require answers, do they? that's what makes our style ours.


Talia Jensen said...

wow i love this comfy look! and im totally gonna rade my husbands closet to see what will fit me... he is 6'3!

Hilary said...

I appreciate that you posted yourself In sweats, it's only human. You are still considered fancy and adorable!

Topsy said...

I love this look! And your hair...blonder than normal? I love that too.

Caitlin said...

I love this outfit. I've seen a few ladies on Instagram and Pinterest throwing down some amazing comfy looks. J.Crew of course has the monopoly on awesome lounge clothes. Starting to look forward to these Pin Real Life posts!

Brissa said...

uhhh...you don't have to explain/justify your style choices. not at all. you're right. our style is unique to us. it's our choice and it's what makes us different.

Jessica Broyles said...

Just found your blog though Natthefatrat's instatram- I LOVE it!! And i love this outfit!


Kristal said...

OK, I just had to comment on this! I am a follower on instagram so I wanted to check out your blog. #1, beautiful family! #2, I don't know how I haven't found your blog sooner! #3 I love you writing, it's funny without even knowing you. Thanks for sharing your not-so-fancy self with your blogger friends. You look so cute and fabulous pushing that shopping cart!


Anonymous said...

you are adorable. my husband has that sweatshirt, too!

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