a sit down with Callum

somehow i fell off the home video train and it pains me so.
i vow to do better for myself and these boys, nothing is better than watching a home video of your youth.
don't roll your eyes too hard, i edited out two adorable minutes of this interview with Cal,(even the end when he says "i yuff you!", but had to get the first part up just for my own sake.
i often say that Callum both thrills and terrifies me simultaneously all day long. he is so independent, and so different from his brother. he fears nothing, and has no problem blatantly ignoring everything i say. he is so nice and sweet, and then filled with righteous indignation moments later. 

he is wicked smart and still as fiery as he is, sweet as honey. i can't even label him or put him into any one category because he is so many things all at once. i love him so much, and can't imagine my life without this baby boy.


kylee said...

and now i want kids. now.

Sara Broeking said...
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