love like a hand in a glove

remember the hunt?

well i came out victorious-- each blouse/pant/shoe combo is less than 100 dollhairs.
you can stop holding your breath now russ.

01. the chiffon secretary blouse
all at forever 21 for less than $30.00

02. the slim cropped trouser
i haven't found exactly what i am looking for but these'll do for now.

both at urban outfitters for less that $60.00 03. shoesies.
payless. i got them when they were doing their buy one get one deal-io $30.00 for both! STEAL!

with all the money i am saving i don't even feel bad splurging on Gap's wool blazer and TopShop's cuffed beauty!

we all know any schmo with money should be able to dress nice, but i think the real winners are those who do it for less. i want to know where your fall steals are coming from! do tell...


Anonymous said...

I don't have any fall steals to tell you about, but I am wondering where you get the ideas for your blog post titles?

em + russ said...
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em + russ said...

well anon...

i think blog post titles say a lot about a person.

mine are one of three things:

1. lyrics to songs (like this post)
2. movie quotes (it's a family trait)
3. play on words (english major curse)

Lindsay said...

In Florida fall doesn't exist, therefor no new fall wardrobe for me. Oh what I'd give for the temp to drop 10 degrees!

elizabeth said...

love these! take me shopping asap!

ps em gets her blog titles from her insanely-hilarious mind :)

meagan cohoon said...

Forever 21 all the way! Also Charlotte Russe, banana rep., and gap...

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