reviewed: the year 2010

Dear Emily:

you liked the idea of the year end recap, but didn't have time to write it until today, and by that time truly everyone had already posted theirs, so you feel a little unoriginal & tardy, but oh well.

you turned 24 and although you forgot to sign up to actually walk at graduation, you did receive your diploma in the mail.

you wrote one of ruffling feathers readers' favorite posts, "at home" regarding the dream of being a stay at home mom. you also styled this tomboy shoot & your best friends threw you a killer "little man" shower at which point you discovered culinary perfection in ham & cheese sliders.

Russ finished up Hayes' nursery and with seemingly a month to go before Hayes was born, he decided to refloor your entire top floor. this seemed like a good idea until you found out you were dilated to a 6 at 37 weeks, and your doctor decided March 10th was a good a day as any to have a baby. 3 hours later, Hayes was born au naturale. you introduced him to readers with rave reviews.

after a seriously annoying duel with jaundice, you finally were able to hold Hayes anytime you wanted, and celebrated with a beautiful photoshoot. on Hayes' one month birthday, you wrote him a love letter and, surprisingly, kept it up each month since.

 you learned a few things about "tired Russ" and celebrated your first mother's day.

after 3 months of solitude you got back into the swing of work and styled a rugby inspired photoshoot, and ran Bijou Market's summer show, which was hot in more ways than one. you blessed Hayes the next week and Russ surprised Hayes with the supposed car he'll be driving in 2026.

we had our annual week at the beach, and were in awe at Hayes' amazingly easy travel self. we went to Phoenix and Lake Powell this year & he was great each time.

in august Russ and Hayes had a boys night in, and they took your favorite picture of them ever. you finally got to the bottom of your shoe addiction, although it didn't fix anything... knowledge is power!(?)

you & friends wore only 10 items of clothing for one week, and it sort of exploded. one of the participants went on the Nate Berkus show to talk about it! Russ also got Hayes' Bronco running, thankfully.

we celebrated our 5th anniversary & you got a new camera lens that changed your picture-taking life. we went on our first date without Hayes and saw Band of Horses (we saw Beirut & Matisyahu this year too.)

kicked the holidays off right & we had our most successful Bijou Market yet. you, nicole, and rashelle were even on TV, and it was terrifying. the next couple months of Hayes' life were too much fun. his personality exploded, he started calling you mom, developed a hilarious little sense of humor & made you beam with pride and burst with love hourly.

at the beginning of the month Hayes had his first surgery to get tubes put in his ears. the happy boy you thought you had turned into a jubilant one post surgery & we were all very thankful for the quick fix. our first holiday as parents was awesome, and for the future Emily Frame reading this -- BUY LESS STUFF next year. this month was full of surprises (more on that later) and we rang in the new year with friends and family. Hayes surprised us all by deciding to crawl on New Year's Eve.
2010 taught you many things: how to love in a more perfect, all encompassing and unconditional way. that as much as you love control, you don't have any of it anywhere, and it's okay. the ones you love will come around, time really does heal all wounds. health is the greatest gift of all, and you were not meant to travel this life without one Russell Frame.

With Love,
A Reflective and Improved 2011 Emily Frame


chari-o said...

very sweet. thanks for sharing! xoxo

Lindsey S. said...

You are amazing women!

mle photography said...

You're an inspiring business woman and mommy! Thanks for sharing!

Juliana said...

Hi there! This is Juli from "the J project" I am one of the J's that was on the Nate Berkus show, basically because you inspired my sister and I. Thank you for inviting us to the 10 for 1 project and we look forward to 2011 will bring you!

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